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Fix ATT Email Working On Android

How to Fix AT&T Email Stopped Working on Android Device



AT&T is one of the leading and most trusted email service providers operating today.  Millions of users around the globe have made AT&T their number one choice because of its accessible interface and advanced security features. Like so many other email service providers AT&T also provides users the chance of accessing their email accounts through their smartphones so that they are always in contact with their family and friends. Even though AT&T is quite compatible with all operating systems, Android users often experience errors while trying to check their AT&T email. If you find that AT&T frequently stops working on your Android device then you can dial the AT&T Support phone number to get in touch with a customer service representative to get a better idea about what may have gone wrong. Apart from that, you can also skim through this article to know about some easy troubleshooting steps you can use the next time AT&T stops working.




Simple troubleshooting Steps to Resolve AT&T Not Working on Android:

 Here are some necessary and very simple troubleshooting steps you can implement whenever you have difficulty accessing your AT&T account on your Android device:


  • Log out and Log in: Now this first one may sound a little ridiculous but it can be very efficient. If you come across any AT&T error the first thing you must do is to try signing out of your email account and signing in again after some time.
  • Use a new browser: If the first solution does not work then you must try opening AT&T using a different browser. If you are using the app then you must close it and try and open AT&T using the default mobile browser.
  • Remove junk files: The gathering of too many cookies and cache could also slow down your device causing AT&T to malfunction. You must go to your browser settings and clean out all the cookies and clear the cache as well.
  • AT&T Email settings: Occasionally users feel that AT&T is not working because they are not getting certain but one possibility is that perhaps certain contacts were unintentionally added to the blocked contact list and hence you are not getting the emails. You must check the blocked list and the spam folder to make sure everything is in order.
  • Check Email Filters: At the similar time you can also check the email filter so that you are sure that the appropriate emails are being directed to the correct folder.
  • Enable JavaScript: You must also check the browser setting on your Android device in order to make sure that JavaScript is enabled at all times.


If the solutions mentioned above do not fix the problem and you still have a problem using AT&T email on your Android device then you must contact customer support as there may be a technical or software difficulty with your phone. The AT&T Customer Service Number is available round the clock so that you can dial whenever you require urgent technical support. The certified professionals are available round the clock to offer you step by step instructions to resolve the problem even if the solution is long.


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