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How to delete free Juno Account | Juno help-desk

Steps to delete free Juno Account: 


You may take initiative to delete the Juno account from one computer. Juno email account deletion is the subject of a certain process. It is well-known that the email is an internet service provider. This specific blog is dedicated to sharing knowledge about the specific steps if you are willing to delete the account. 


There are several email accounts but the Juno holds the unique name in the marketplace. Juno phone number is always here to enable you to talk to the technicians. In the later section of the blog, we have also stated certain steps that will help them in getting connected to the experts.


What should be your steps to delete your free Juno account?


Access to the internet should be your first step. Later to this, you need to wait for the Welcome to Juno message so that it may appear on the computer screen and tap on the option delete account.


You need to wait till the delete account option appears. Later you need to look for the account that you are willing to delete.


Later to these, get to the password box and type for the account and tap on the Juno’s central computers. Further, you will require clicking on OK for the deletion of the entire account permanently.


Further, you have to delete your account from one computer:


You need to access the internet and start Juno. Once again you will need to wait for the appearance of the welcome to Juno message. Later, you may quickly delete the account.



  • Now it is another time that you have to wait for the delete account page option.
  • You should look for the account to which you are willing to delete.
  • Later to these, you have to tap on the option available as “Just this computer” to go with deleting the account from one computer. You may do it by offering the computer away to someone that you are willing to move. Make click on the OK option and you are done as well.

All of these are techniques that involve certain steps. Thus taking care at a certain level is mandatory. We have set the Juno Customer Phone Number for your convenience. This will instantly help you to get to the experts on the requirement. Thus always feel free to have words with our technicians.





Juno emailing platform is the most preferred one. We have seen that usually most of the people fall in trouble when they come across a problem while trying to delete the account. To create a congenial atmosphere, we have created this web page so that Juno users may quickly find the solution and guiding the source.


Our entire team dreams to build a hassle-free platform for Juno webmail users. Our effort is always towards the positive side to offer a chance to go ahead with business factors. Our toll-free Juno phone number lies reachable 24/7 hours.







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